1.21 LATEST RELEASE (tar.gzip)
1.21 LATEST RELEASE (tar.bz2)

1.2 (tar.gzip)
1.2 (tar.bz2)
1.1 (tar.gzip)
1.1 (tar.bz2)
1.0 (tar.gzip)
1.0 (tar.bz2)

Changes in 1.21:

Changes in 1.2:
Splitting the player list up. (Axis, Allies, Spectators)
Compat w/ Etpro P style info.

Changes in 1.1:
Bring HTML/CSS in spec.
Better player name / color interpretation.

Please retain the notice at the bottom of this script.

This perl script draws inspiration/concept from wolflive.asp:
WolfLive code by Lt.Christy @ http://www.force137.com/wolflive.asp

Themes included with this perl script use textures from shaderlabs.com:
ydnar@shaderlab.com was kind enough to grant permission to use a few of his 
textures in the rust theme. Please do not remove the copyright notification 
from these themes. 

- Shows whos playing on your server, team, xp, and ping
- Shows current map. 
- Makes a attempt to determine whos winning.
- Links player name to a systats db. (Optional) You could change this for other stats db etc.

See an example of this script at:
- http://systats.or8.net/etlive.pl
- http://systats.or8.net/etlive2.pl

- There are lots of unixisms in this script. 
  I don't have a Windows box to test the cgi script it on, nor do i care to.
  It should work with minor modifications if you have activestate perl, 
  or cygwin perl.

- This script will fail if you don't have XML::SAX::Expat and/or XML::LibXML 
  installed. XML::SAX doesn't appear to like the iso-8859-1 encoding and 
  wants ascii encoding only. One of the two modules should fix that for you. 
  (You'll probably want both of them.)

- There are themes, see layout.xml in the themes directory. 
  There are Two themes included, rust, and etlive (the default). 

- This script may render strange in:
	opera (untested)
	lynx (lynx sucks use links instead)
	konqueror (unknown issues)
Tested Browsers:
  IE 5.5 - 6, 
  Palm Tungsten Web Browser (WebPro?, looks good in landscape mode.), 
  Danger Hiptop (looks great)


A RTCW: Enemy Territory server to query...
- See: http://www.splashdamage.com/

You need qstat to make this perl script work:
- See: http://www.qstat.org/
You need these perl modules to make this work right: 
- CGI, 
- XML::Simple, 
- IO::Pipe, 
- XML::SAX, 
- XML::SAX::Expat and/or XML::LibXML
  (You will probably want both of those.)
You will probably want to install these thru cpan if you don't have them. 

You also need the map pics from your pakfile. These are:
They cannot be redistrubuted with etlive.

You could also substitute your own custom 256x256 levelshots as well if you wanted.

See the INSTALL file that came with this script.

Comments to: cbajumpa@or8.net.